The Robots

MOnarCH Robots

Robot’n Childs at IPOL (March 2015)

From a media coverage by Lisbon City Hall at IPOL

The robots at the 2nd review meeting (March 2015)

Human-Aware Patrolling (direct link)

A 2-robot formation (direct link)

Testing the greeting interfaces

Testing the Automatic Speech Recognition in Madrid

The robots still at IDMind


These are the real MOnarCH robots, ready to be deployed at the hospital.

Monarch_render_02 Monarch_render_01.194
This is the most recent version of the MOnarCH robots currently under evaluation by the Consortium. Let us know your opinion. We would like very much to hear it.
robots-v1-1 This is an updated version of the MOnarCH robots, already accounting for the key interfaces

Check here (MonarchPlatformTest) the video on the first tests of the omni platform that will support the MOnarCH robots. Note the high expressiveness of the motion.

robots-v0_1 These are some very preliminary studies on the MOnarCH robots. Eventually they will differ significantly from the final version.